The perfect shave

The perfect shave with Telfer & Ross

Shaving can be a challenge. Here are the Telfer & Ross top tips on how to get the perfect shave every time.

Before you shave, wet your skin and hair to soften it. A great time to shave is right after a shower, as your skin will be warm and moist and free of excess oil and dead skin cells that can clog up your razor blade.

Next, apply a shaving cream or shave gel. If you have very dry or sensitive skin, look for a shaving cream that says “sensitive skin” on the label (just like ours does 😉).

Vegan Friendly Shaving Gel by Telfer & Ross

Shave in the direction that the hair grows. This is an important step to help prevent razor bumps and burns.

Rinse after each swipe of the razor. In addition, make sure you change your blade or throw away disposable razors after 5 to 7 shaves to minimize irritation.

Store your razor in a dry area. Between shaves, make sure your razor dries completely to prevent bacteria from growing on it. Do not leave your razor in the shower or on a wet sink.

Men who have acne should take special care while shaving. Shaving can irritate your skin, making acne worse. If you have acne on your face, try experimenting with electric or disposable blade razors to see which work best for you. Use a razor with a sharp blade. Shave lightly to prevent nicks and never try to shave off the acne as both can make acne worse.

What about Aftershave Cream?

After you’re done with the your shaving routine apply some aftershave balm and moisturiser to help keep your skin soft and comfortable over time.

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