3 tips to get your beard ready for summer!

how to get your beard ready for summer

Summer is finally here, but that doesn’t mean you have to ditch the facial hair you’ve been working on all winter.

We’ve heard it time and time again…“yeah, the summer is too hot for a beard.” Most people assume beards make you warmer during the summer months, which just isn’t true. In fact, beards provide some protection from the sun’s damaging UV rays in addition to actually helping you stay cooler in the summer heat.

Our bodies use evaporative cooling to help regulate body temperature. As we perspire and our sweat evaporates, our bodies cool. So as the air moves through your beard, it actually helps with the cooling process.

There are, however, some summer-specific beard grooming concerns we bearded gentlemen need to pay attention to during these warmer months. Read on for our top three tips for your summer beard.

1) Keep your beard clean

During the summer months we spend more time outdoors. We sweat more, play in the water more, use bug sprays and other protective chemicals more and all of these things can damage and dirty our beard. Sweat, salt water, chlorine, bug spray, all of these need to be washed out, not only to prevent damage, but also for general cleanliness. Bacteria and other microbes thrive in warm, moist environments. Without proper care, your beard can turn into a petri dish of hellish proportions. A specially formulated beard shampoo is a summer must-have.

2) Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate your beard

We all know the importance of keeping our bodies well-hydrated during the summer months, but it is also important to keep your skin and beard hydrated as well. The summer sun and heat can damage both your skin and beard, which is why it’s important to beard cream or beard oil to help keep your beard and skin healthy. Both beard oils and moisturisers will also help combat the dryness you get from increased beard washing during the summer months — which can also lead to beard itch. For added oomph, add a premium beard oil on top of your cream to amplify the beard hydrating effects. Worried about the sun? Use a beard-friendly daily SPF 30 moisturiser.

3) Brush your beard

Heat and humidity do weird things to hair. To prevent tangles and awkward beard puff, brush your beard more than you would during the cooler months. Unless of course, you like the tangled and unruly beard blob pioneered by seafaring pirates.

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