7 Common Face & Beard Washing Mistakes

7 Common Face and Beard Washing Mistakes

Here’s how to properly wash your face and beard

Washing your face and beard sounds self-explanatory – wet your face, rub in the beard shampoo, rinse off – but these common errors will prevent your skin and beard from achieving true greatness.

1. You don’t wash your beard at all…or wash too much.

You should cleanse your face once per day. Those with particularly oily skin can wash twice daily. Overwashing can dry your skin, causing it to produce more oil to compensate. During the day, grime and pollutants accumulate on your skin, some of which actually speed up the aging process. Remember, the goal is to remove the day’s nastiness without stripping your skin.

As for your beard, wash that bad boy once or twice per week. Like your skin, you don’t want to strip the beard of its natural oils. Of course, if you get particularly dirty during the day you should wash your beard as necessary.

2. You wash your beard with the wrong water temperature.

We all love a steaming hot shower. But water that’s too hot will strip your skin, and water that’s too cold will prevent your pores from opening. Lukewarm water is the sweet spot.

3. You use the wrong type of face and beard wash.

Don’t even think about scrubbing that old bar of soap on your face. The harsh chemicals in bath soaps are too aggressive for the skin on your face and your facial hair. Have you ever taken a shower and your skin felt tight or itchy afterword? It’s your soap.

4. You aren’t hands-on.

Do you use a wash cloth in the shower? If so, do you change it daily? Us neither. So unless you use a fresh wash cloth every day, it’s best to use your hands to scrub. Bacteria thrive in warm, damp environments. Forgo the infection risk and scrub with your hands.

5. You’re doing it wrong.

Rub in your cleanser using circles that go outward. This will help stimulate blood flow and tone up your skin.

While you might be a bit rough around the edges, no need to get rough when you wash. Rubbing too vigorously can damage your skin. If you’re using the right type of beard wash, gentle rubbing will do the trick.

6. You rub it raw.

When it’s time to dry your face and beard, pat dry, don’t rub. The friction of rubbing your towel against your face can remove the barrier of fatty acids and proteins that help protect your face from irritation.

7. You don’t – or wait – to moisturize your beard.

The best time to apply beard creams and beard oils is right after you’re done washing your face. Your face and beard is the cleanest it will be, your pores are open and applying immediately locks in the hydration from the water. Get the most out of your beard care products and don’t wait to apply.

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